What’s on the line for Pistons, Van Gundy at draft lottery

The most likely outcome for the Pistons at tonight's NBA draft lottery is to stay at No. 8.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Today is the first big day for Stan Van Gundy as he takes charge of the Pistons, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

At the end of the evening, the Pistons will most likely still have the eighth pick in a loaded draft, but things could also get much worse or much better — all while Van Gundy watches helplessly on TV.

The best-case scenario, obviously, would be for the Pistons to hit the right combination of ping-pong balls and jump into the draft’s top three, where they could get a potential star like Andrew Wiggins from Kansas or Jabari Parker from Duke.

The most likely outcome is for them to stay at No. 8, where they would be considering players like Oklahoma State point guard Marcus Smart or one of the two local shooters, Michigan’s Nik Stauskas and Michigan State’s Gary Harris.

The worst thing that can happen is for one of the lottery teams behind them to get lucky, jump into the top three and drop the Pistons to the ninth pick. Because of a trade to ditch Ben Gordon’s contract, Detroit has to send their pick to Charlotte if it is any worse than eighth. That would knock Detroit completely out of the deep first round and make Van Gundy’s rebuilding process that much harder.