Verlander has eventful ride to ballpark

DETROIT — Good thing Justin Verlander wasn’t starting Sunday or his whole routine would have been thrown off.

Let’s just say the ride in was a bit of an adventure.

“I got a ride to the stadium from Town Car (Service), as I usually do on days that I travel,” Verlander said after Sunday’s 7-1 Tigers victory over Kansas City. “On the way there, about 10 minutes out, the AC went out. I’m like, ‘Oh, God.’

“So I asked the driver if I could get the window unlocked, and the windows wouldn’t go down. So then it’s a sauna, but at least the car’s still going. So I’m like, ‘All right, we’re good. We’ll make it.'”

Unfortunately for Verlander, he was wrong.

He said about three miles away from Comerica Park, the car started making some disturbing noises and slowing down.

“We were going about 35 (mph) down the interstate, and I told (the driver), ‘I think we should probably pull over and get off the interstate before we get rear-ended,'” Verlander said. “I made a call, got (clubhouse manager Jim) Schmakel to come get me. It wasn’t there for too long.”

Verlander then quipped that he might have had a lot of volunteers for a ride.

“I probably could have gotten a lot of people to come pick me up on Twitter,” he said. “First one here, I’m right across from Mack on I-75 South. Come get me.”

Verlander made it the rest of the way to the ballpark without incident.