Tigers to debut live automobile mascot race at Comerica Park

The Motor City Wheels mascots have a practice run before their racing debut at Comerica Park Thursday.

Who you got?

Bella Air? Corey Vette? Or Petey Pickup?

It’s the great debate that’s coming soon on a game-by-game basis to Comerica Park.

They’ve got sausage mascot races in Milwaukee and president mascot races in Washington. So why not an automobile mascot race in the Motor City?

The Detroit Tigers, along with the Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers, announced that the "Motor City Wheels" mascot races will make their debut in the third inning of Thursday’s afternoon game against the Texas Rangers.

Here’s a sneak peak at what the people-powered classic vehicles will look like, from "Bella Air" (1957 Bel Air) to "Corey Vette" (1958 Corvette) to "Petey Pickup" (1954 Chevy pickup truck).

And if you’re wondering how a mascot race works, think of this but with cars instead of sausages:

"Detroit is a city that lives, breathes and dreams automotive and we have a tremendous amount of pride in that," Paul Stanford, president of Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers, Local Marketing Associates, said in a statement announcing the new promotion.

"With the Motor City Wheels mascot races, we are giving fans a chance to get re-introduced to three classic cars that embrace our history and celebrate our heritage as the Motor City."

Steve Harms, the Tigers’ vice president of corporate sponsorships, added that the races will "combine two events the city of Detroit loves most: Tigers baseball and vehicles made in the Motor City."

Let’s just hope there are no incidents like this one when former Tiger Randall Simon, then playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates, clubbed a sausage mascot in Milwaukee with a bat in a prank gone bad that led to an arrest, fine and three-game suspension in 2003: