Tigers push back Price’s start to Saturday

DETROIT — The Tigers are taking the "safe rather than sorry" approach with David Price.

Price, who stepped on a bat Friday night and suffered a mild right hamstring strain, will not start Thursday.

Price played catch Sunday with no ill effects.

"He said he felt good, but we’re going to push him back," Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said. "He’s scheduled to pitch in St. Louis on Saturday. With the off day, a couple guys remain on their normal rest, a couple guys get the extra day, and he’ll pitch at the back end, after the off day, so he’ll get a couple extra days."

That means that Anibal Sanchez will start at home Thursday against the Minnesota Twins on regular rest.

Ausmus said Price told him if he had to make his start on regular rest, he would be able to.

"I think because we had the day off, we just took the safe route," Ausmus said. "There’s no reason not to give him a couple extra days. He wasn’t overly upset because now he gets to hit."

Since Price will be batting in St. Louis, there’s always the concern he could aggravate the hamstring by running the bases.

"What I told him was, ‘I might have to tie a rope around you, so you’re not running too hard,’" Ausmus said. "He goes, ‘I don’t hit the ball where I need to run.’ He said it with a smile on his face, of course."

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