Tigers notes: Ausmus ready for new replay system

After testing out the new replay system in spring training, now it's time for the real thing, which Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said should work well.

Tom Gromak

DETROIT — If there’s something to challenge, the Tigers will be ready.

After testing out the new replay system in spring training, now it’s time for the real thing, which Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said should work well.

"Spring training was archaic compared to what we have with this new hawkeye system that every stadium has," Ausmus said. "In spring training, there was a little bit of a delay. You had to get the TV feed, you had to rewind it on your computer, or scroll back, and it took a little bit more time. With this system, he has a live feed and he can stop it at anytime and run it back and he can go in slow motion and it’ll be in HD. I think it’ll actually run much quicker here than it did in spring training. That’s my guess based on this technology."

Ausmus said as a player, he sometimes went a little crazy but isn’t sure if he will need to do so as a manager with the replay system.

"As a player, there were times where I was an Earl Weaver," Ausmus said. "I’m guessing at times I’ll probably do that occasionally. With the instant replay, it’s a little bit awkward in the sense that you’re really just trying to kill some time while your instant replay coordinator — Matt Martin for us — is trying to figure out whether we should challenge it or not, so I may be blatantly honest and tell the umpire, ‘I’m just killing time,’ and just stand there."

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Although Ausmus took his wife and daughters out to dinner last night, he said he did watch some of the Los Angeles Angels-San Diego Padres game Sunday night.

"I was more curious to see if there was a challenge," Ausmus said. "I didn’t watch the entire game because I was out to dinner, but I did catch the beginning and the very end of it. Which I guess I didn’t miss much in between based on the score. But I did watch it. It was an interesting game and there were no challenges from what I’ve heard. I texted a friend over there in San Diego to see what happened in between."

"I didn’t have to pick anybody up at the airport," Ausmus said. "I had to fix a few things at this place that we bought. Door handles, stuff like that. Other than the workout and some stuff around the house, went out with my family, and had something to eat, fixed a few more things before I went to bed, got a good night’s sleep."

Ausmus said he can be pretty handy around the house.

"I don’t do windows. I don’t paint," Ausmus said. "But I can deal with anything else."

Also according to ESPN Stats and Info, the Tigers were the only team to go without an Opening Day home run the last four seasons.

When the Royals scored three runs in the fourth inning, it broke their streak of 22 straight scoreless innings dating back to 2011.

It was Martinez’s first career home run off of Royals starter James Shields in 35 at-bats. Last season Martinez did not get his first home run until his 125th plate appearance on May 4.

If Justin Verlander has a nemesis, it’s Royals designated hitter Billy Butler. 

Verlander got Butler to ground out to second base in his first two at-bats, but Butler broke through with a single in the fifth inning.

For his career, Butler is 31-71 (.437) lifetime against Verlander.

"Terrible," Smyly said. "Who did I have winning it? Kansas. They lost in the second round."