Tigers fans make team feel loved at TigerFest

Even when the weather is far worse, the fans come out for both the Winter Caravan and TigerFest.

DETROIT — Detroit Tigers fans know how to make the team feel good.

Although the temperatures were fairly mild for this time of year in Detroit — 35 degrees and not snowing — the crowds had the Tigers raving.

"I was talking about this with a bunch of players: I’ve been with a number of organizations, and been a part of their fan fests — including the Detroit Tigers’ — and this is by far the most well-attended, and well-organized fan-fest I’ve been to," manager Brad Ausmus said. "You don’t get the type of response from fans in most cities like Tigers fans respond, in the middle of winter, to the Tigers. You just don’t."

Even when the weather is far worse, the fans come out for both the Winter Caravan and TigerFest.

The response impressed those who had experienced it before and those who had not.

"It’s been fun," Kyle Lobstein said. "I was on the North bus this time. Last couple years I was on the Metro bus so I got to see a little bit more of the state up north and they have as much support up there as they do in the metropolitan area here in Detroit. It was really tremendous to see the kind of love and support they have for this team."

David Price joined the team in the middle of the season last year so he had never had a chance to see what the event was like until this week.

On Saturday, Price tweeted, "#tigerfest is intense!!! These fans possibly have more energy than me…and if you know me at all that’s impressive!!"

After TigerFest, Price had more to say via his Twitter account, @DAVIDprice14.

"Tiger fans…WOW!! 3 days of #tigerfest was crazy!! Thank you all for everything!! See you in a few weeks for some baseball."

Kyle Ryan also weighed in on Twitter via his Twitter account, @leftyryan91.

"WOW! #tigerfest was awesome. Thank you to all the Tiger fans and @tigers for making it happen! #DETCaravan."

Outfielder Tyler Collins was also blown away by the whole event.

From his Twitter account, @TylerCollins1, Collins said, "What an amazing weekend! That’s why I love playing baseball!! Detroit you are awesome and I can’t wait to get this season going! #TigerFest"

Josh Zeid, whom the Tigers claimed off waivers in November, could not wipe the smile off of his face when asked about the reception he’d gotten this week.

"It’s incredible," Zeid said. "The fan base is amazing. There’s 10,000 people here and every single one of them couldn’t be nicer, couldn’t be more welcoming. That means a lot. They sell out every day. It’s really nice."

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