Thoughts on KG’s new Beats commercial

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Wow, what an amazing commercial. It really caught me off guard, it’s such an in-your-face example of what it is like to be a professional athlete sometimes. There are always going to be critics, and nowadays everyone thinks they are an expert on the game. Add in social media and it’s nonstop.  

KG is such a competitor, he talks all the talk and turns it into inspiration. He gets so much commentary for his long and successful career and he just keeps going.

Playing with KG and under Doc in Boston were some of the best times of
my career. It helped me to be a better pro and shaped how I approach the

As far as the critics, the only thing I can do is block it out and not even watch the commentary, just the study game film and stay focused for the next game.

Getting ready for games, I listen to Drake, Jay-Z, French Montana, Kendirck Lamar, Rick Ross, Pusha-T and others to get me going and get my hype for the game.

Beats did a great job with this ad.