Suh completes reality TV show hat trick

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has completed the Reality TV Show version of the hat trick.

Suh, who had previously appeared on a dating show and a celebrity diving contest in recent offseasons, finally had his episode of the new "American Muscle" show aired Wednesday night on the Discovery Channel.

The segment was taped during the winter at the Barwis Methods Training Center in Plymouth, Mich., with psycho trainer Mike Barwis, the former strength coach for the Michigan football program.

The show, which was titled "Suh’s Anger Management," came off as an attempt to try to push his buttons, much of which likely was scripted.

Former Michigan defensive tackle Mike Martin, now with the Tennessee Titans, shared a story about how unfriendly Suh was when he had met him previously. This was said shortly before Suh arrived:

"I would not be surprised if he talked to nobody," Martin said, before adding, "He’s coming to our gym…Don’t rub me wrong."

Here’s a taste of what went down:

Martin not only mocked him when he outperformed the Lions’ All-Pro in a squat competition, he did some more trash-talking when Suh got left behind in a speed-and-agility drill.

"He was behind you, Mo, and you’re real slow," Martin told his good buddy, David Molk, a former teammate at Michigan.

 Suh also took some ribbing from "Tank Dog," one of the trainers, who wore a Green Bay Packers’ jersey.

"Take that weak jersey off," Suh told him.

Tank Dog also brought up a sore subject with Suh — the famous stomping incident on Thanksgiving Day in 2011, which led to a two-game suspension.

"It’s in the woods, man," Suh said repeatedly.

Suh eventually earned some respect with his performance in an Olympic style clean-and-jerk duel. After Martin struggled with the lift, Suh seemingly did it with relative ease.

Here’s another exchange where Suh is shown giving the verbal abuse right back to Martin:

"I like to put people in their place," Suh said. "I always will put people in their place if I have the opportunity to. If somebody steps out of line, they’ll get put back into the right line."

Tank Dog tried one last time to unnerve Suh by leaving a Green Bay banner on the Detroit player’s vehicle.

But they were both laughing it off by the end.

"He’s a good guy," Tank Dog said. "I like him."

The question now becomes what will be the next stop on the Ndamukong Suh Annual Reality TV Show Tour?