Ron Artest says he’s more comfortable this season

By Mike Bresnahan
Los Angeles Times

September 27, 2010

If Ron Artest had his way, he’d still be on the interview dais in the aftermath of the Lakers’ championship celebration, soaked in champagne, surrounded by family members and yelling out loud to reporters and broadcasters, if not the world, “Acknowledge me, please!”

It was the first stop in an off-season of partying that finally ended a few days ago. Where to begin?

With his frequent appearances at nightclubs? His banter with late-night talk show hosts? The hero’s welcome returning home to Queensbridge, N.Y.? Or the wacky race car he was driving when he was pulled over by a Los Angeles police officer? (It turned out to be street-legal and the only problem was an expired registration, Artest said.)

Artest smiles when he looks back on it, starting with his 10-minute stand-up routine shortly after the Lakers won the championship in June. “Nobody ever did it like that