Regner: Trading Scherzer now would be a mistake

Reports are circulating that Scherzer turned down an average of $25 million a season.

Kim Klement/Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Now that contract negotiations have broken off between the Tigers and starting pitcher Max Scherzer, many Detroit fans feel that trading the reigning AL Cy Young Award winner is the best option.

Trading Scherzer at this time would be a mistake, especially with the rash of injuries the Tigers have suffered this spring.

Scherzer’s rejection of the Tigers’ offer has been predicted for months, so this didn’t come out of the blue. Everybody needs to calm down and take a step back to examine the situation.

Tigers, Scherzer break off contract talks

If the Tigers are going to at least four-peat as AL Central Division champions, their starting pitching must carry the team.

Regardless of how the offseason has played out, the Tigers are built to win now, and Scherzer is a big part of their championship equation.

Unless the Tigers’ season goes completely south before the trade deadline on July 31, they should hold onto Scherzer. It gives them best chance to win.

Furthermore, the longer the Tigers keep Scherzer, the more they’ll likely get back in a trade if they choose that route.

Reports are circulating that Scherzer turned down an average of $25 million a season. That’s a ton of dough, but Scherzer has always wanted to test the free-agent market, which he reiterated Sunday in Lakeland.

He’s taking a risk that he’ll be able to duplicate or come close to his numbers of last year. Still, barring a complete collapse, the way baseball covets pitching, big money will be there for Scherzer.

In an odd way, this could benefit Detroit. The Tigers will have a motivated Scherzer for the year, and if he’s dealt, they’ll receive a combination of proven major-league talent and top prospects.

Emotions are high because Scherzer has jilted Detroit. I understand that.

But any way you look at it, a roster with Scherzer on it gives the Tigers their best opportunity to win a World Series title.

Imagine where the team would be without him?

It’s not a pleasant thought.