Quick Hits: Tigers at Phillies 3.29.15

Early News: The Tigers are in Clearwater, but Justin Verlander did some light tossing back in Lakeland and said he (right triceps cramp) still felt a little tight.

The Tigers are still playing wait-and-see about his next start on Thursday.

And the apartment of relief pitcher Ian Krol was burglarized in Lakeland. Thief took $6,000 in cash.

Tom Gage: Are you getting the feeling, Dana, that if Verlander is still tight the next time he throws, the Tigers will bump his start back — although there’s not much time to bump it back to?

Dana Wakiji: Brad Ausmus said they’re not at that point yet but Verlander could pitch in Cleveland on Sunday, giving him extra time if he needs it.

TG — As for Krol, hopefully the question of why he had $6,000 in cash in his apartment won’t be the dominant response. That’s his business. 

I just feel badly for anyone who gets ripped off. Don’t you?

Notes: Krol gets unwelcome visitor at his home

DW — Definitely. The worst part is Krol suspects they were watching and waiting to see when he left.

TG — Let’s stay on the Krol subject, though, because his comments were interesting.

He said he learned a lesson about locking his apartment, but treated the amount he lost with perspective.

"I’m fortunate enough to have a decent paying job," he said to a group of reporters, including to you, Dana.

"If I was a teacher or something, and I lost six grand, I’d be pretty upset."

So he wasn’t pretty upset?

DW — He was pretty philosophical, accepting that he learned a lesson the hard way.

Of course, I thought it was good that he wasn’t there when the burglar was there but like many young men, he kind of wished he had been there to confront whoever it was.

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