Quick hits: Rondon on track after pitching in Toledo Thursday

DETROIT — Tigers vs. Astros, RHP Alfredo Simon (4-2, 3.04) vs. Collin McHugh (5-1, 4.09)

Early news: Bruce Rondon arrived in the clubhouse Friday afternoon no worse for the wear after throwing 22 pitches in 2/3 of an inning Thursday night in Toledo.

Rondon, who hit 99 miles per hour, is on track to throw another 20-25 pitches in Toledo’s game Sunday night.

Justin Verlander threw a bullpen Thursday in which he threw about 45 pitches as part of his warm-up routine, sat down, got up and threw eight warm-up pitches as he would before an inning, threw 15 pitches, sat down, then got up and threw eight more warm-up pitches and another 15 pitches.

Dana Wakiji — Now Verlander is scheduled to throw a simulated game Tuesday in Oakland.

Dave, any new guesses on when Verlander will pitch for the Tigers?

DH — If everything goes well Tuesday, he would be looking at a rehab start on Sunday, and then probably one more the week after that. That puts him on track to return to the Tigers in mid-June.

DW — The one silver lining to going on the DL for Victor Martinez is he got to return home to Orlando. He worked with a trainer in the offseason and started his rehabilitation for his left knee today with that same trainer.

How long do you think Martinez realistically needs to spend on the DL, Dave?

DH — I’ve talked to a couple experts, including one doctor who does physical therapy for athletes, and they doubt that 15 days will be enough to make much of a difference. I’m guessing that, barring an offensive collapse, we’ll see V-Mart back around the All-Star break?

DW — It might be that we see catcher Alex Avila before we see Martinez.

Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said Avila is riding the bike and doing his exercises and he feels better going up and down the stairs.

Dave, who’s back first, Avila or Martinez?

DH — I think it is going to be Martinez. Avila has to get back to the point where he can squat for 9-10 innings a night, and that’s a long way from feeling better going up and down the stairs.

DW — Verlander’s inaugural Wins for Warriors 9K is happening Monday.

People have until noon tomorrow to register at crowdrise.com/Detroit9k.

There will also be same-day registration available on-site.

It’s a nice thing Verlander’s doing to help veterans and their families, especially those with mental health issues, isn’t it, Dave?

DH — I think it is great. I’ve never made a secret of my own struggles with depression, so it is great to see Verlander make this kind of effort, especially for veterans.

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