Quick Hits: Cardinals at Tigers 3.28.15

Early News: Manager Brad Ausmus said he still expects Justin Verlander to make his next start — despite the fact Verlander exited Friday’s game early with a cramp in his right triceps.

And the Tigers released the once-promising Luke Putkonen.

Tom Gage: So, Dana, does Brad sound convinced or only sort of convinced that Verlander won’t have to skip a start?

Dana Wakiji — I think he is convinced that Verlander will be OK. Verlander also said that he expects to start. But he said it was still a little sore. He did not throw today.

TG — One interesting sidelight is that it was so rare for Verlander to have any kind of arm issue during a game, his signal to pitching coach Jeff Jones to come out to the mound wasn’t instantly recognized.

I guess that’s a good thing, don’t you?

DW — Verlander takes great pride in taking the ball every fifth day and never having a stint on the DL. Even last season coming off of surgery, although he wasn’t as effective as he would like, he kept on pitching.

TG  — Sorry to hear about Putkonen, simply because he seemed to be a nice guy. Showed some potential in 2013, but that was about it.

Were you surprised he was released?

DW — There were just too many relievers down in Toledo. Obviously the front office felt those guys had passed LuPu.