Phil Jackson explains cryptic first tweet

The Twitter world was buzzing on Wednesday when word got out that legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson was joining the 140-characters-or-less club.

Even before typing a single tweet, Jackson had accumulated tens of thousands of followers.

Then his first cryptic tweet came through.

Was it a misspelling? Did he have one too many? Or was it simply one of those mind games the Zen Master is so well known for?

On Thursday, Jackson released a video to explain.

The video shows Jackson at a desk configuring the first mystery tweet, only to turn around and show off the 11 championship rings he was sporting while attempting to type.

“I should take these off, right?” Jackson said while showing off the bling.

Turns out it was all a part of the Zen Master’s plan after all.

The cover of Jackson’s upcoming book, “Eleven Rings: The Soul of
Success,” features the 11 rings he won as coach of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.

Jackson may be retired from coaching, but looks as if the mind games remain in full swing.

Check out the first tweet below, which turned Jackson into an instant trending topic on Twitter and gathered him a quick 144,000 followers.

Natalie Venegas