Ohio State’s Warinner pokes fun at Michigan

Make some room on the bulletin board in Ann Arbor.

Ed Warinner, Ohio State’s co-offensive coordinator/offensive-line coach, was just trying to be funny, but you know how these things go when it comes to football rivalries.

Especially this one.

Warinner took a few jabs at The School Up North during a spring-football fundraiser for cancer and Alzheimer’s research.

He was smiling as he delivered the punch lines, according to Buckeye Sports Bulletin reporter Marcus Hartman, but that’s probably not going to matter much to Michigan fans.

If you’re worried about Wolverine fans, just move to Pasadena.

Ed Warinner

"If you’re worried about Wolverine fans, just move to Pasadena," Warinner told the crowd. "You’ll never have to deal with ’em."

Michigan hasn’t been to Pasadena, Calif., to play in the Rose Bowl since January 1, 2007. The Wolverines also haven’t won a Rose Bowl since the 1997 season.

Ohio State’s last Rose Bowl appearance was five seasons ago, which is, believe it or not, the Buckeyes’ only trip to Pasadena over the last 17 years.

Ohio State, however, did miss out on the Rose Bowl three times between 2002 and 2007 because it played in the national-championship game instead.

Warinner also poked a little fun at Brady Hoke, who has mockingly referred to Ohio State simply as "Ohio" ever since he became Michigan’s coach.

Warinner joked that the Wolverines had lost their playbooks, adding, "I heard Brady was upset because he hadn’t finished coloring them."

It was all meant to give the Columbus, Ohio, crowd a good laugh, but you know who won’t be laughing about it — those Maize and Blue fanatics to the north.