Ndamukong Suh scheduled to appear on another reality television show

First came "The Choice" then "Splash."

Now Ndamukong Suh is scheduled to appear on yet another reality television show when "American Muscle" debuts next month on the Discovery Channel.

For a guy who claims he doesn’t like the spotlight, Suh certainly keeps putting himself in it.

Suh, the Detroit Lions’ controversial All-Pro defensive tackle, taped a segment for the muscle show in late February with Mike Barwis, the former strength coach for the Michigan football program.

Barwis posted a message and photo on Twitter of himself and Suh during the workout, but it wasn’t clear at the time that it was being done for a TV show.

"Absolute pleasure working with @NdamukongSuh," Barwis tweeted. "He is an even better man than he is a player. That’s not easy to do!

The show, which is set to debut on July 9, takes place at the Barwis Methods Training Center in Plymouth Township, Mich. It’s described as a "reality docu-series" in which Barwis and his trainers "take on everyone from NFL players, to Wild West bull riders, to paraplegics looking to walk again."

This is just the latest stop on Suh’s reality-TV show tour.

Two years ago, he was on "The Choice," a dating show televised by FOX in which he was matched with a woman named Diana who was in the Air Force. They ended up going on a date to play miniature golf, but decided that it wasn’t a love connection.

Last year, it was "Splash," the celebrity diving contest on ABC. Suh got eliminated after his first appearance.

Have a reality-TV show idea?

Just call Suh. He’ll say he’s not interested and wants to lay low, but we all know better.