Magic discusses LeBron’s comments on NBA greats

The Dodgers have become the darlings of summer and all Magic Johnson wants to do is enjoy his team like everyone else is, but he can’t because his phone won’t stop ringing, this according to his Twitter account.

The Dodgers owner has been peppered with questions about the Dodgers, yes, but also about two-time reigning finals MVP LeBron James.

The Heat forward appeared on FOX Sports 1 earlier this week in a one-on-one interview with FOX Sports 1 NBA insider Bill Reiter. When asked to pick his top three NBA players of all-time, James struggled in to find the answers initially.

After some deliberation in front of the camera, James answered.

“Michael Jordan, Dr. J, Larry Bird,” James told Reiter.

“Can I get four?” James later asked.

Reiter obliged.

“Alright, Magic,” James said.

Johnson, the five-time NBA champion during his playing days with the Lakers, checked in at No. 4 on James’ list. Johnson didn’t appear to take any exception to being left out of James’ top three and said via Twitter he’s still a big fan of his.

But, he later added rings are what count — Johnson currently leads James 5-2 in that category.