Kickalicious back with another trick-kick video

You wanted more "Kickalicious," you got it.

Havard Rugland, the lovable Norwegian trick-kick specialist who became a fan favorite during his tryout with the Detroit Lions in 2013, has released another video with his zany antics.

Call it Kickalicious the Sequel.

His first video released a couple years ago went viral and led to both his nickname and an opportunity with the Lions during training camp. He kicked a 50-yard field goal in a preseason game before getting cut in favor of veteran David Akers.

Rugland still hasn’t been able to land a regular NFL job, but he’s undoubtedly the master of the trick kicks.

His latest video, which is sponsored by Pepsi Max and lasts 2 minutes and 40 seconds, includes a variety of stunts with picturesque settings from his homeland of Norway.

Who knows how many takes were required, but who cares? The end product is quite entertaining.

Other highlights included kicking a ball through the windows of a car, and also kicking one into a speeding boat. He even booted a bottle of his sponsor’s beverage into the arms of one of his friends.

Back by popular demand, Kickalicious was doing what he does best. He might not ever get into a regular-season NFL game because teams question his mechanics, consistency and football experience, but he certainly puts on a good show.