Jacksonville’s Robinson drops ‘Little Brothers’ line after preseason loss to Lions

Denard Robinsonran the ball for 12 yards and played on special teams in a 13-12 preseason loss to the Lions.

Phil Sears

DETROIT — The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Denard Robinson had a little bit of everything Friday night, including a little trash talk for his former foes just for old times’ sake.

Robinson, the former Michigan quarterback, is listed these days as a running back, but he also caught one pass for four yards, ran the ball for 12 yards and played on special teams, making one tackle and returning a kickoff 23 yards in a 13-12 preseason loss to the Lions.

"It’s an opportunity," Robinson said. "I have an opportunity from the highest level of football. They put me on special teams, I will go 100 percent. Anything I do, I do it 100 percent and I won’t let down. They put me out there, I’m going out there 100 percent. I made a tackle and made a little disruption on the kickoff."

Last year Robinson rushed for 66 yards on 20 carries. 

Robinson hopes he and fellow running backs Toby Gerhart and Jordan Todman can be a little more productive than their 85 net yards rushing Friday.

"We struggled at times, but we have to keep going and try to get better," Robinson said. "I think we ran the ball pretty well. Toby did a great job. Todman did a great job, so we’re making improvements. As the preseason goes on, we keep improving. That’s our goal, to keep improving."

Robinson appreciated the cheers he got from the Lions fans who remembered him from his Michigan days.

"I think it’s a great feeling to come back to Michigan," Robinson said. "There’s a lot of support out there. I saw a lot of people wearing ’16’ jerseys. It’s great to be back in Michigan, my second home. It was great to come out and play."

Of course, the former Wolverine was asked his thoughts on the Michigan State Spartans winning the Rose Bowl.

"It did sting a little, but at least it was a Big Ten team, and it was good that our little brothers won the Rose Bowl," Robinson said. 

Yes, Robinson went there, recalling former Michigan running back Mike Hart’s now-famous "little brothers" quote.

"It was true when it was first said, and it is still true now," Robinson said with a laugh. "Remember, we won my senior year."

You can take the Michigan player out of Michigan but you apparently can’t change his maize and blue loyalty.

"You have to stir the pot," Robinson said. "I still love Michigan, and I’m going to be watching them all season, and I’m hoping to be there next Saturday … but my team is the Jacksonville Jaguars now. That’s what I’m excited about."