If Wings in another Winter Classic, Yzerman in for Alumni game

It's hard to believe Steve Yzerman retired in 2006.

Tim Fuller

DETROIT — If the Detroit Red Wings are involved in another Winter Classic and there’s an Alumni game, Steve Yzerman is in.

Yzerman, currently the Tampa Bay Lightning general manager, was in town Sunday as his team was visiting the Wings.

Appearing on FOX Sports Detroit in the first intermission, Yzerman was asked about playing in the Alumni game in this past Winter Classic.

"I really loved it," Yzerman said. "Honestly when I retired I said you were never going to see me on skates again. As it got closer, my wife and kids were bugging me about playing. It was a lot of fun, the atmosphere was fun. I loved it. I was really pleased to play in it. 

"If they do it again in the future, I’d love go to back and do it again."

Yzerman has been the Lightning’s GM for more than four years after spending the previous four years assisting Red Wings general manager Ken Holland.

"I think it really gave me a good head start in a successful situation how they do things, why they make the decisions they do," Yzerman said of working with Holland and his staff. "It was really helpful for me."

It’s hard to believe Yzerman retired in 2006.

"Eight years really fly by, it’s gone really quickly," Yzerman said. "I really enjoy being involved in the league still. The kids grow up quickly and I get old quickly!"

The Lightning came into Sunday night’s game on a five-game winning streak, tied with Montreal for the Atlantic Division lead with 21 points.