Hot girls with beards

My mom called me the other day and asked, “Carrlyn, did you check the Ice Crew Facebook? There is a picture of you with a big beard.”

Mildly concerned but having heard weirder things in my life, I checked the LA Kings Ice Crew Facebook page and sure enough, there I was sporting long, flowing, photo-shopped facial hair.

With the motto “Stop shaving and start raising,” the Beard-A-Thon is back in action for this season’s playoffs.

The Ice Crew has joined this year’s Beard-A-Thon to help raise money for the Kings Care Foundation. To attract donors and participants, you may see a few hot girls with fake beards posted all over the internet.

It surely caught my attention.

Our goal is to raise $1,000 and we are well over halfway there – 70 percent of the way to be exact. With the Kings making their way to the second round of playoffs, there’s plenty of time to take a minute and donate.

You can jump on the bandwagon and create your own profile page to start raising for a good cause or pick from the different players, Kings’ staff, Ice Crew and fans to donate towards. Every cent that goes to Kings Care is helping children around Southern California, providing them with educational and recreational opportunities.

Can’t grow a beard? You can build one right on the website! It allows you to upload a photo and pick the beard of your choice, from mutton chops to Santa-style.

Happy Playoffs, Kings fans. Keep em’ growing!