Dennis Rodman launches his own line of vodka

Former Detroit Piston Dennis Rodman makes the jump from bad boy on the court to bad boy on the bottle.

He will be releasing his own line of liquor, aptly titled Bad Boy Vodka.

Rodman, who’s known for his antics off the court (Nobel Peace Price, anyone?), claims his new vodka represents him as a person.

“Bad Boy Vodka characterizes a tough and edgy, yet smooth and classic taste,” Rodman said in a news release. “A perfect representation of whom I am and what I am all about.”

Premier Brands developed the Bad Boy line and will begin distribution on July 27 in California.

Jorge Olson, CEO and president of Premier Brands, boasts that “the taste is incredible, the bottle is a work of art, and the brand is already recognizable.”

The bottle art includes an image of a bull over the Bad Boy logo.