Delegating duties has served Orgeron, Trojans well

LOS ANGELES – Former USC head coach Lane Kiffin mentioned on a national radio show early Thursday that he should have delegated more during his time with the Trojans.

Delegating has been, arguably, one of the most effective tactics for interim head coach Ed Orgeron. He’s let his coaches coach, intent on encouraging players on the sidelines during games.

It’s allowed coaches and players to take more ownership in the program and there have been plenty of changes within each position group.

“It’s freedom,” said fifth-year senior De’Von Flournoy. “You get to play with a type of swagger that was here my freshman year when Coach (Pete) Carroll was here. I feel like Coach O has brought that back to this team to where you feel like you’re playing for something besides just a victory.

“You’re playing for the whole Trojan family now. It’s not a pressure now. You accept it to play better.”

Flournoy is a part of a group of players that were afterthoughts have become key contributors.

Last week at Cal, he led the team with 63 receiving yards — the frst time in his career he’d accomplished such a feat.

His playing time has increased significantly in recent weeks. There were times Flournoy was called on because of injuries in the wide receiver group. In the first game for Orgeron as interim head coach, the wide receivers were down to just two healthy, scholarship bodies – Nelson Agholor and Victor Blackwell.

With health no longer being a factor among the wide receivers, Flournoy, as seen last week against Cal, has still continued to see significant game reps.

These days, the wide receivers are allowed to sub themselves in and out of games, which is a change under Orgeron and wide receivers coach Tee Martin.

“It doesn’t matter who’s in the game, the same plays are going to be called,” Flournoy said. “The biggest thing on us now is mentally. You have to be prepared. You have to know what (responsibilities) each receiver has.”

Oregon has delegated the duties. For Flournoy and the Trojans it’s been beneficial.