Could Sammy Watkins line up with Megatron?

Clemson receiver Sammy Watkins apparently likes the idea of possibly teaming up with Calvin "Megatron" Johnson of the Detroit Lions.

Following rave reviews of his pro day performance on Thursday, which was attended by new coach Jim Caldwell and general manager Martin Mayhew,  Watkins posted photos on Twitter of himself, Johnson and the popular Megatron fictional character.

The Lions have the 10th pick overall in the NFL Draft on May 8. They need a receiver badly to complement Johnson.

Watkins, a fast, tough game-breaker, would be ideal. He was the Orange Bowl MVP when he caught 16 passes for 227 yards against Ohio State.

Unfortunately for the Lions, Watkins is projected to be off the board by the time they’re scheduled to pick.

More than likely, they would have to trade up to get him.

Maybe it’s just a dream, but it’s not just Lions fans dreaming it. Or Caldwell and Mayhew, either.

Looks like Watkins is, too.