Coke tells colorful tale of striking out Cabrera

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. — Miguel Cabrera doesn’t strike out very much.

While becoming the first player to hit for the Triple Crown since 1967, the Detroit Tigers third baseman fanned just 98 times in 622 at-bats in 2012.

So you can understand why any pitcher who gets the best of Cabrera would brag about it, and Tigers reliever Phil Coke did just that during a winter caravan stop Thursday afternoon.

Coke — a prodigious storyteller with a great sense of humor — recounted his Major League debut with the New York Yankees in 2008, how he came in from the bullpen and got one of the game’s best hitters to go down swinging on a 3-2 slider.

Coke went on to tell about how — after he and Cabrera became teammates in 2010 — Miggy questioned whether he had ever faced Coke before.

Watch the above video to hear Coke’s colorful story of how that conversation went down, and see two of his teammates — Torii Hunter and Prince Fielder —  totally crack up as he tells it.