Clippers’ Neil Olshey worked his way up from bit parts to leading role – LA Times

By Lisa Dillman
Los Angeles Times

Neil Olshey’s long and winding path from fledgling actor in New York to new general manager of the Clippers was one of those road trips guided by a series of fortunate coincidences and conversations.

One of the more telling twists in the road was directed, not by an influential player agent or front-office executive, but a venerable stage actor who achieved a measure of fame on the hit TV series “Law & Order.”

This was well before Olshey moved west and started helping out with coaching duties at Artesia High or his first fortunate meeting with then prep star Jason Kapono, who would be the first of his many clients (and future NBA stars) in private-workout hoop sessions.

Olshey recalled riding the New York subway with Jerry Orbach after a show taping and his words of career advice when Olshey was on his way to his night job at a local bar.

“Jerry Orbach, God rest his soul, was the one who convinced me,