Bynum acknowledges poor effort

Andrew Bynum sat on the bench, and this time it had nothing to do with taking an ill-advised three-pointer.

It had everything to do with not showing enough effort rebounding or playing defense. So as the Lakers chipped away at a 17-point deficit, Bynum sat idle.

He sat during the entire fourth quarter.

He sat during overtime.

He sat in the second overtime, too.

But after posting 10 points on five-of-15 shooting and eight rebounds in the Lakers’ 114-106 double-overtime win Sunday over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Bynum sounded different than he has in recent weeks. He didn’t take digs at Lakers Coach Mike Brown, and he didn’t vow to continue such behavior.

“I just played poorly. It’s easily fixable,” Bynum said. “I don’t think I was posting up hard and they were getting in front of me. I wasn’t being aggressive.”