Baron Davis is battling nagging injuries

Lisa Dillman
Los Angeles Times

Now it all makes sense.

One reason the Clippers got out front on the Baron Davis fitness issue became obvious Tuesday, the opening day of training camp.

New Coach Vinny Del Negro opted to sit out Davis. And the point guard said afterward that he is dealing with a couple of nagging injuries, namely some swelling in a knee and a strained calf.

And no, those two things did not occur on media day.

“It was just happening during training,” Davis said after the morning session. “I think I pushed myself a little too hard. Sometimes, you can overwork. I was doing a lot; my body is not a young body. When I do go overboard, then I have a little bit of swelling.”

Said Del Negro, who also put some limitations on Brian Cook, Craig Smith and Randy Foye on Day 1: “I sat [Davis] down. I want him to feel better. It’s just a process every day we’ll build on, not only with Baron, but with everybody.

“It’s a team and there’s certain standards, in terms of being in shape, that we have to hold guys to. And I believe strongly in that stuff, and overall the guys have been doing a good job of it.”

Davis said he thought he was only about three or four pounds away from his desired weight. Del Negro said there was not a set plan as to when Davis will be able to participate in all activities.

“The old cliche: take it day to day,” Del Negro said. “Let’s see how he feels, how the other guys feel; I might back a couple of guys off a little bit that are coming back from surgeries. I’ll monitor that every day.