Ausmus: If he plays well, (Dirks) can grow (his hair) to his feet

LAKELAND, FLA. — Even though he originally came through the New York Yankees’ system, Tigers manager Brad Ausmus isn’t too concerned with his players’ appearance.

Someone asked about outfielder Andy Dirks, whose hair has grown rather long.

"I don’t care. If he plays well, he can grow it to his feet as far as I’m concerned," Ausmus said. 

Tigers' Ausmus played at shortstop once

Ausmus recalled the Yankees’ persnickety ways.

"I came up in the Yankee organization, which is very strict compared to most organizations," Ausmus said. "Blousing in the pants, no facial hair, hair had to be cut, collared shirts all the time, even in the minor leagues. So they did have strict policies."

Ausmus said he didn’t recall former Tigers manager Phil Garner being too strict in such matters and said he won’t be either.

"I’m not overly concerned," Ausmus said. "You want to be somewhat representative of the organization, the way you look. The beards, I would never grow a beard like they did in Boston but it worked for them. I’m not overly excited about that.

"If guys play hard, they come here to do their job, I’m not gonna be concerned too much what they look like doing it if they’re doing it well."