Angels to continue to allow alcohol in clubhouse

Tempe, Ariz. — The Angels have no plans to ban alcohol from their clubhouse or on team flights, but only beer can be consumed, not hard liquor.

Numerous teams have examined alcohol policies in the wake of reports that Boston Red Sox pitchers drank beer and ate in the clubhouse during games while the team was plummeting to an unprecedented collapse in September.

New Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine, who replaced Terry Francona, recently banned alcohol from the clubhouse.

The Miami Marlins and Chicago Cubs have banned booze for several years.

“We’ve never really had an issue,” Angels Manager Mike Scioscia said. “It’s about responsibility. We haven’t experienced things here that would significantly alter anything about our in-house policy.”

Veteran pitcher Dan Haren said some players like to have a beer or two during post-game meals, “but you always have to be responsible,” he said.

“Nothing like that has happened here,” Haren added, alluding to the Red Sox. “Not that Francona runs an easy clubhouse, but Scioscia is really strict. I would be scared to do something like that.”