Yellow jersey? Check. Celebratory kiss? Not today

Vincenzo Nibali wins the yellow jersey after Stage 2 of the Tour de France -- but he doesn't fare too well on the podium.

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Italian cyclist Vincenzo Nibali goes by the nickname "The Shark," but after capturing Stage 2 of the Tour de France on Sunday, he may have felt more like a clownfish during the celebration.

Nibali, 29, was able to break away from a crowded field of competitors near the end of the 125-mile course, and when he hit the podium to receive his yellow jersey afterward, things started out well enough. He leaned over to the podium girl to his right and gave her two kisses.

Pecks accomplished.

As he leaned over to the girl to his left, however, Nibali’s maneuvering hit the skids. Denied!

You’ve gotta dig the way Nibali tries to play it off there, adjusting his collar. But it just goes to show you that, yes, even yellow-jersey winners can get stuffed. In this case, quite literally … because the only thing Nibali was allowed to kiss at that point was the plush lion.

Talk about your consolation prize.