Dorrell resigns from position at Arkansas

The University of Arkansas announced Tuesday night that Jessica Dorrell had resigned from her position in the athletic department in the wake of the scandal that cost former football coach Bobby Petrino his job.

The 25-year-old, who was with the 51-year-old married father-of-four when he crashed his motorcycle on April 1, has remained out of sight since it emerged last week she was allegedly involved in an "improper relationship" with Petrino.

Dorrell will receive a $14,000 settlement with the university, which had no immediate plans to reopen her position of student-athlete development coordinator, according to the release.

"While Ms. Dorrell had a legitimate right to apply for and accept a position within the football program, the circumstances surrounding the former coach’s decision to hire her compromised her ability to be effective in such a position," UA athletics director Jeff Long said.

"She and I believe she should have the opportunity to move on."

Dorrell had already been placed on administrative leave from her job.

Petrino was fired last Tuesday after lying to university officials and the media about his relationship with Dorrell, who was hired by the former Razorbacks coach on March 20.

In announcing Petrino’s firing, Arkansas athletics director Jeff Long revealed Dorrell, who Petrino selected out of more than 150 candidates, was given $20,000 cash by the coach.

Documents obtained by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Friday indicated the cash gift was used to purchase an Acura during Dorrell’s first week on the job.

According to the paper, documents showed that Dorrell was one of three finalists for the position, posted in late February. After the finalists interviewed with multiple athletics department staffers, including Petrino, the former coach requested Dorrell be hired, writing that she "had the best experience and … would be the best fit for this position."

Dorrell reportedly listed four years of related experience on her resume while nine of the 159 candidates listed at least 10 years of experience.

Records from Petrino’s university-funded cell phone, obtained after his firing, showed the coach exchanged more than 4,300 text messages and nearly 300 phone calls with Dorrell, dating back to September.

Petrino was officially dismissed for violating a morals clause in his contract.