QB’s girlfriend brags on Twitter

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston went off Monday night, and everyone who knew his potential before his big game now has a nice “I told you so” to carry around.

That includes Winston’s girlfriend, Breion Allen, who forecast Winston’s success — and then some — on Saturday. Allen tweeted that she knew “a quarterback better than Johnny Manziel” and that everyone would get to see him on Monday. Then, on Monday, Winston threw for five touchdowns and 356 yards on 25-for-27 passing against Pittsburgh.

That left Allen reminding people of her original claim:


Allen also plays basketball for Rice, the school that was on the other end of Manziel’s latest shenanigans on Saturday. While she likely won’t get to see Winston and Manziel go head-to-head, Monday’s results still had to be a nice consolation prize for a couple that has shown distaste for Manziel before during FSU’s Media Days.

Winston said, "If I get ‘Manziel disease,’ I want every one of y’all to get your mics and just start — [Winston motions hitting himself on the head repeatedly]. Just like that."