No stoppin’ the Manziel party bus

He absolutely cannot be stopped, this guy.

He is the best, whether or not Johnny Manziel is the biggest flash in the pan of the 21st century or we are witnessing his Marshall Mathers Moment.

You remember how mad everybody got about Eminem when "The Slim Shady LP" came out. People lost their minds. Granted, that album did have a song on it in which Eminem raps about dumping his wife’s dead body in the water with his infant daughter in the car, so it wasn’t like the furor was unearned. But people were very furious and confused about this crazy white rapper who would just not act right.

And then he dropped "The Marshall Mathers LP", one of the biggest middle fingers ever flipped in pop culture.

Which brings us back to Johnny Manziel, who went out Thursday night. And that’s a social media event.

Someone even snapped another pic of Manziel partying hard and posted it on Twitter, but it has since been deleted.

So here’s the thing: Johnny Manziel, once again, is not doing anything wrong, as far as we can see in these photos. I’m professionally obligated to say that he’s not of legal drinking age, but that doesn’t exactly distinguish him from his peers, and I don’t see any drinks in his hand (this time) anyway.

But, fair or not, his reputation as a guy who lives just on the other side of the rules has really ticked off a lot of people.

And this guy just does not care. His independent spirit might be his greatest natural gift, or it might cause his demise. But it is his defining characteristic and it’s pretty American, if you ask me. Johnny Manziel is a freakin’ patriot.

This is a guy who is currently being investigated by an agency (the NCAA) that holds his fate in its hands. It’s not that going out in College Station has anything to do with selling autographs, it’s just that every time you think Johnny Manziel is going to lay low for a while, here he comes again.

You mad? See how much he cares.