Manziel linked to more signings?

The Johnny Manziel autograph saga continues to gain headlines after the football player reportedly signed autographs and memorabilia for dealers in two additional sessions. reports that the Heisman Trophy winner signed “at least 1,500 items in each of the two sessions,” but does not allege that he was paid for doing so.

The signings were allegedly in South Florida after the national championships game and in Houston in late January, the story says sources told Outside the Lines, claiming that Florida-based autograph dealer Kevin Freistat “backed and helped organize the additional two sessions.”

The report adds that these signings, added to previously reported ones, tally a total of 4,400 autographs, according to sources.

According to ESPN, the NCAA has already been investigating whether any of the autographs violate NCAA by-laws.

Manziel’s attorney has previously stated that he was not aware of any evidence that Manziel had been paid for any autographs.