FOX Sports to air Pac-12 title game

The Pac-10 Conference and FOX Sports have reached a one-year agreement for FOX to broadcast the inaugural Pac-12 Football Championship Game, and to market the corporate sponsorship for the game. Additionally, as part of the deal, Fox Sports Net (FSN) increases its 2011-12 regular season telecast package with the conference by up to six football, taking into account the additions of Colorado and Utah and expansion to 12 teams.

The Pac-12 championship game is worth around $14.5M, according to Sports Business Daily.

"This is an historic time for the conference as we expand to the Pac-12 next season and we are thrilled to be working with FOX Sports and their award-winning production team," Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott said. "FOX has demonstrated its ability to drive new innovation into sports broadcasting and we look forward to seeing how they will help us take our Championship Game to the next level of interactive entertainment for our fans."

"FOX has enjoyed a successful and mutually beneficial relationship with the Pac-10 for many years," FOX Sports President Eric Shanks said. "It’s an honor to have the first-ever Pac-12 championship football game on FOX and available to the widest possible audience. We’re excited to take our relationship with the Pac-12 to an entirely new level."

The Pac-12’s first-ever football championship game is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, December 3, 2011 at the home stadium of the team with the best conference record, with kickoff planned at 3:30 p.m. ET.