FAU coach out amid reported drug use

Carl Pelini is known to be a bit of a hothead. Here’s one example:

Hotheadedness is generally recognized as an acceptable trait for a football coach — but in broader social contexts, it is not an attractive (nor a particularly productive) characteristic. In fact, it is something people are encouraged to work on.

Fortunately for Pelini, who was 5-15 in two seasons as football coach at Florida Atlantic before resigning Wednesday, there exists a naturally growing, relatively inexpensive herb that is recognized by 20 U.S. states as a legitimate medicine for the treatment of stress and anxiety — and one which a majority of Americans believe should be legal across the country. Unfortunately for Pelini, marijuana is illegal in the state of Florida and frowned upon by Florida Atlantic University. Not coincidentally, he has lost his job as football coach there. Did we mention Pelini was 5-15?

Florida Atlantic announced that Pelini— whose record, you know, dropped to 5-15 last week — and defensive coordinator Pete Rekstis had resigned after reports of illegal drug use. Offensive coordinator Brian Wright will replace Pelini on an interim basis.

According to various reports, the drug in question was marijuana, which Pelini reportedly used at a social gathering. In Florida, possession of up to 20 grams of weed (0.7 ounces) is a misdemeanor that can get you thrown in jail for a year. Any more than that is considered a felony.

"I apologize for exercising poor judgment," Pelini said in a statement. "My greatest concerns at this time are for my family, the dedicated FAU players and my staff. I am confident that [athletic director] Pat Chun and the university administration will continue to move the program forward."’

Pelini, who had lost three times as many games as he won at FAU, wasn’t caught with marijuana and was not arrested — so it’s unclear who alerted Pelini’s bosses about his alleged drug use or why he didn’t just deny, deny, deny. But in any case, Pelini (did you know he was 5-15?) found himself escorted off campus by police and publicly humiliated for a behavior that otherwise wouldn’t have affected anyone but himself.

"It’s a heartbreaking day for us all," Chun said during a press conference.

Heartbreaking, sure. But necessary?

Pelini was 5-15 at the time of his resignation. If he was 15-5, you think we’d be hearing about this?