East Carolina honors ailing child

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, what Nebraska did

to honor an ailing young boy at its spring game sparked a similar

tribute from East Carolina University on Saturday.

The Cornhuskers honored Jack Hoffman by letting him run for a

touchdown a week ago.

The good vibe provided a spark for the Pirates, who replicated

the act as a kind gesture for 8-year-old Noah Roberts, who is

battling cancer.

“He came out about two years ago and wasn’t doing too well and

it was good to see him out here now still and you know it was a

cool experience for him and us,” junior linebacker Jeremy




Roberts will return to the hospital Monday, and the team is

hoping the act provided a boost.

“You kinda get chills in moments like that,” quarterback Shane

Carden said. “It’s just it’s really nice to just be able to be a

part of that with Noah and be able to do that for him with the

whole team around him. It was a special moment.”