Arizona returns two picks for touchdowns in 24-17 win over Cal

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Brandon McIlwain throws 3 picks, two of which were returned for touchdowns, as Arizona takes down Pac 12 rival Cal 24-17.

ANNOUNCER 1: On third and seven, Tate, again, looks to the sideline. 11th play of the drive coming up here for Arizona. Tate throwing towards the end zone, touchdown Tony Ellison, 31 yards. Designed quarterback run, breaks a tackle. McIlwain, he's got speed, to the end zone, touchdown, 25 yards.

ANNOUNCER 2: Great play call bu the offensive coordinator Beau Baldwin. They motioned Laird out and they took that linebacker out. It was a five man box, so they know we're going to run the ball when that linebacker goes out.

And you see Schooler missing a tackle for loss. He usually doesn't do that, but McIlwain's a strong runner, fast runner. You have to get him on the ground. But heads up play by that offensive scheme just getting that linebacker out and letting him run the ball.

ANNOUNCER 1: Third and one here, empty backfield, McIlwain, he breaks free again. There he goes, second rushing touchdown of the game for Brandon McIlwain, this time 23 yards.

ANNOUNCER 2: Once again, there's nobody in the middle of the field. This offensive line, they're making those blocks. And if he gets past that line of scrimmage, McIlwain is gone.

ANNOUNCER 1: Laird goes in motion, McIlwain goes through his options, tipped, intercepted. It's Colin Schooler back the other way. Schooler has it knocked it away from behind. It's picked up, Hearn to the end zone, touchdown Arizona. What an incredible turn of events for the Wildcats here.

ANNOUNCER 2: Wow, when these two teams get together, you never know what you can expect. McIlwain starts with this throw. He overthrows his receiver.

Schooler right place at the right time. And he's trying to find six. He's not looking to go down. He wants to get that score and get excited.

Then you see, boom, you got to have the claw over that. It gets touched out. And my man, wow, Hearn with the touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 1: All right, so here is Cal with one timeout. First ball picked off, going the other way, pick six Scottie Young. Second interception of the game for Scottie Young. This time, he returns it 24 yards for the touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 2: Scottie Young, right place, right time. And McIlwain, he wish he could have that throw back, but he just made another poor decision.

ANNOUNCER 1: In victory formation, Tate will take the knee.

ANNOUNCER 2: Best formation in ball right there.

ANNOUNCER 1: That will do it. Arizona will even their record at 3-3. They move to 2-1 in conference play, while Cal, who started this season at 3-0 now is 3-2, 0-2 Pac-12 play. It was the defense that stepped up in a big way for Arizona here tonight.

ANNOUNCER 3: Very interesting game a weird game.