Jonathan Taylor rushes for 221 yards and 3 TDs in No. 16 Wisconsin’s win over Nebraska

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Johnathan Taylor rips off 221 yards and 3 touchdowns as Wisconsin defeats Nebraska 41-24.

ANNOUNCER 1: On first down, Hornibrook to Taylor. Taylor with room to run, Taylor upended at the Nebraska 38 by Deontai Williams. Situation.

ANNOUNCER 2: Yeah, that's actually a lineman right there.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here's Taylor, and Taylor wrangles forward and down to the one. Almost popped into the end zone to Jonathan Taylor, but it's third and goal.

ANNOUNCER 2: They'll bring in Bruss. They'll bring in Erdmann. That's an extra 600 pounds. Let's see if Taylor gets in.


ANNOUNCER 2: You know.

ANNOUNCER 1: That's close.

ANNOUNCER 2: Remember, if his forearm's down, he's down. It doesn't look to have his elbow or his forearm down at all. And his hips not down yet. I think he got in from that angle.

ANNOUNCER 1: They're going to look at this one. Badger's answer right back after the return.

- After review, the ruling on the field is changed, touchdown Wisconsin.

ANNOUNCER 1: Sixth touchdown of the year for Jonathan Taylor, and his third in his young career against Nebraska. At Rockhurst High School in Kansas City.

Here's Groshek. Groshek with a gaping hole, banged away. Groshek tumbling down at the 39. He shrugged that Antonio Reed shot like it was nothing.

ANNOUNCER 2: And again, the same formation, three by one. You'll see Ferguson and Taylor lined up together.

ANNOUNCER 1: Hornibrook looking for the end zone, it's Ferguson, touchdown. Second down, Martinez with all day to throw. Spielman open over the middle. And Spielman is off to the races. Nobody's going to catch JD Spielman, 75 yards and a touchdown.

ANNOUNCER 2: Now, they've got a fresh set of downs and churning away.

ANNOUNCER 1: Second and four at the 21, Taylor again. Taylor. with a hole. Taylor with a block. Taylor's got a touchdown.

Deal sheds a tackle. Deal a stiff arm, Deal a touchdown.