No. 10 Washington dodges upset bid from UCLA

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Washington holds off UCLA to secure a 31-24 win, the Huskies' first win at the Rose Bowl since 1995.

ANNOUNCER 1: Big 3rd down here. 3rd and 8. From the Bruin 32.

ANNOUNCER 2: You see that off coverage again.

ANNOUNCER 1: Browning steps up over the middle. Too high. Intercepted. Adarius Pickett. And the Bruins come up with the first turn over. He was looking for Aaron Fuller. Threw it over his head.

Find the mismatches. You saw the soft hands there on the finish. 17-yard pick up. Over the middle That one. Tipped. And picked off.

Taylor Rapp makes the interception.

Browning, Fuller, caught. Stays in bound. Touchdown, Huskies.

Aaron Fuller, their number one receiver with a 25-yard touchdown pass.

ANNOUNCER 2: And this is just a fantastic throw and catch. The coverage is there. Nate Meters is in the coverage. It's a little bit of a back shoulder. Just kind of ends up like that I think. Throw all that well on the run, but that time, that was a dart.

[INAUDIBLE] Kelly throws a dart right there. Touchdown. Bruins to Theo Howard.

And the baby Bruins grew up on that drive.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, they absolutely did. You talked about how critical that drive was for them to get some points.

Three tight ends. Gaskin, wildcat, touchdown Huskies. 11th play of the drive turns up a touchdown for U dub.

Browning under center. Fuller at the top of your screen. [INAUDIBLE] And [INAUDIBLE]. It's a touchdown, Jake Browning.

Well, again, don't over think it. Sometimes it's just too easy.

There's been a lot of situations already in this game whether you've had to pick up first downs on short yard situations and then asked their offensive linemen just to push. Get underneath, get that leverage, and push your quarterback into a first down or touchdown. They do the same thing right there.

ANNOUNCER 2: A heck of a draw that's gone nearly 6 minutes, 16 plays, 81 yards. Here 3rd down. Caleb Wilson spins. Powers his way and brought down touchdown Bruins.

I think those baby Bruins have grown up.

It's Gaskin from the Wildcat. He's gonna keep it. Up the middle, dives. They say touchdown. Huskies. You give it to your all time leading rusher, and he delivers.

Here's 4th and 1. And a touchdown by the Bruins, Joshua Kelly.

ANNOUNCER 1: And here we go. The big plays by Demetrius Felton down the field. Two big pass plays. The legs of DTR and then again the legs of Josh Kelley to punch it in.

[INAUDIBLE] gets to high bounce.

ANNOUNCER 2: And dove on by the Huskies. Who was that? Drew Sample.

ANNOUNCER 1: Boy, and Drew Sample, two things though. You've got the big high bounce that you were looking for. There wasn't a Bruin in the area and Sample did not come down with that cleanly.

ANNOUNCER 2: Last time sons of Westwood started our 0 and 5, 1943. Last time they've beaten a top 10 opponent, eight years ago.

ANNOUNCER 1: That streak will continue as Chris Peterson gets his first victory coaching here in the Rose Bowl. Seven point victory. We see Washington. First win here in Pasadena since 1995. 23 years ago.