Texas A&M stuns No. 13 Kentucky 20-14 in OT

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Texas A&M scores a 10 yard rushing touchdown in OT to upset Kentucky 20-14.

- Mack is 6'1", 320. They flip it to Lynn Bowden. With some running room, he can fly. Inside the 20, inside the 10, and into the end zone. Touchdown Kentucky., 54 yards.

[INAUDIBLE] option, perhaps? No. Straight pass to the end zone, caught, touchdown Quartney Davis.

Kentucky has not crossed midfield except for the 54 yard touchdown play. That's how anemic the Wildcats' offense has been tonight. Mond, off the hands of one receiver and into the paws of Jace Sternberger. Touchdown Texas A&M.

A&M leading, almost fumbled that snap. Yep, he's in trouble. Mond lost the football. It got batted away.

Kentucky has it. It's Darius West. And the undefeated season is still alive and thriving in the commonwealth. They're an extra point away from a tie.

Here, former walk on to give them the lead in overtime. Bang, off the crossbar, short.

- Depending on what they do here.

- Kick it on third down? It might not matter. It does not. Trayveon Williams wins the game in overtime for Texas A&M.