No. 3 Ohio State stays perfect after 49-26 win over Indiana

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No. 3 Ohio State stays perfect against Indiana. Dwayne Haskins led the Buckeyes with over 450 yards and 6 touchdowns through the air. Ohio State improves to 6-0 on the season.

ANNOUNCER 1: Dobbins bulldozes his way in, and gives the Buckeyes the lead.

Play action again. Haskins puts down the brakes, taking a shot to Dixon. Touchdown, Buckeyes! 40-yard strike.

ANNOUNCER 2: And this is just incredible football Dwayne Haskins. Watch as he moves. They're going to get Pridgeon to pull, but he falls down. And Haskins has the presence of mind to realize that. And watch as he comes to his right, he realizes-- he backs up a little bit in the pocket just enough to then throw an accurate football back across the field.

ANNOUNCER 1: First and 10 now from the 32. Long throw across field! And it is caught for the touchdown! Peyton Hendershot, his second score of the season. Well this for an answer from the Hoosiers.

Now second and nine. Intercepted only for the third time this season.

ANNOUNCER 2: And that was Cam Jones all the way applying the pressure on Dwayne Haskins.

ANNOUNCER 1: Ramsey looking. Westbrook, he's being dragged down. Flag is in, he makes the catch nonetheless. Touchdown, Hoosiers. Indiana taking the lead with 7:04 the second quarter.

And makes it second and goal from the 18. Dobbins now the running back. In motion, Berry. Haskins with time underneath. Finding Campbell and he tiptoes in for the touchdown!

ANNOUNCER 2: Could be the only year he sees at Ohio State if he keeps this up.

ANNOUNCER 1: Don't tell the locals that. That's the 13th straight pass play. Fumble is out! Taylor couldn't hold on. They're ruling them down.

OFFICIAL: The ruling on a field is the runner was down prior to the ball coming loose.

ANNOUNCER 2: Let's take another look. This one looks like it may be close. Reese Taylor spins around trying to get more yards, and there's Tuf. And that ball, my friends, is out as Taylor goes to the ground.

- After review, the ball was coming loose prior to the runner's knee being down. It'll be first and 10 Ohio State at the 32 yard line. Please reset the game clock to four minutes and 35 seconds. Four minutes, 32. Four minutes and 32 seconds.

ANNOUNCER 2: And there we go. I think that's the right call.

ANNOUNCER 1: A play action to the end zone! Wide open, touchdown, Buckeyes. McLaurin's fifth touchdown catch of the season.

Now you called it. They swing it out his way! Open field ahead. Parris Campbell all the way to the house! 71 yards.

Looking for-- Hale! And he's got it. His first catch is a score. That is a big drive by the Hoosiers.

Now third and 10 from the 17. Haskins to the end zone! And the catch is made for the touchdown! The fifth passing score today for Dwayne Haskins. McLaurin's second in the end zone.

End zone shot for Victor! And is he in? He is in for the touchdown! Dwayne Haskins' sixth touchdown pass of the night. A new career best.