Iowa State holds on to upset No. 25 Oklahoma State

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Iowa State hold on to upset No. 25 Oklahoma State. Brock Purdy threw for 318 yards and 4 touchdowns in the win. The Cyclones improved to 2-3 on the year.

ANNOUNCER 1: Purdy saw the pressure coming. Felt it, got out of the pocket, and-- let's see. Touchdown! Butler high points that beautifully!

ANNOUNCER 2: Has a little moxey about him, doesn't he?

ANNOUNCER 1: He absolutely does. You saw how fired up his sideline was, and they're going to be elated for this! Purdy to the end zone.

ANNOUNCER 2: Extend the strike zone a little bit for your quarterback.

ANNOUNCER 1: Wolf-- finds his way there. Landon Wolf, touchdown. Croney-- right down the center to the end zone!

Iowa State was down in this game 7-nothing, then a safety helped turn their fortunes. Cornelius, sideline, got it! Tyron Johnson!

With a chance to get the ball back, still 0-for on third down, Purdy to the end zone-- oh, Eaton, fall to the ground! Sorcery in the end zone!

Nwangwu in motion again, the fake that way. Purdy, end zone, on target touchdown, Deshaunte Jones! Purdy has been lethal in Stillwater.

Very athletically gifted group. Purdy to throw, going away from it, has Milton down the middle! Tarique Milton-- touchdown, Iowa State! Cowboys have a drop. Cyclones put it in for--