No. 19 Texas survives late rally and knocks off No. 7 Oklahoma 48-45

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Cameron Dicker's 40-yard field goal seals a massive upset for Texas, as they knock off arch rival Oklahoma 48-45.

ANNOUNCER 1: Murray looking, throws down the field, [INAUDIBLE]. Touchdown, Sooners!

REFEREE: After reviewing the play, when the receiver hit the ground, he did not maintain control of the football and it hit the ground. It's an incomplete pass.

ANNOUNCER 1: Murray decides to run it. Throws on the run. Hollywood Brown-- touchdown, OU. Collin Johnson, 6'6. Ehlinger winds up down the field and caught. Over the shoulder inside the 10. Collin Johnson. 36-yard pick up.

First and goal at the 2. Lil' Jordan Humphrey in the end zone to Collin Johnson. At the 41, Murray sprints out to the other side now. Stops, delivers, picked off! Intercepted by Brandon Jones!

Ehlinger floats one in the air-- caught! Touchdown, Tre Watson! 28 yards! Sam I Am! What a throw.

Longhorns quickly to the line of scrimmage. They run the quarterback run. Ehlinger, first down-- touchdown, Texas! Murray in the end zone-- touchdown, CeeDee Lamb.

Beck in motion. Ehlinger running, Ehlinger looking for a block. Touchdown, Texas. His second rushing touchdown of the day.

ANNOUNCER 2: And the safeties for Texas.

ANNOUNCER 1: Third down and 4. Murray, deep down the field. Holly- wood Brown! 77! We saw him there, partner!

ANNOUNCER 2: They needed it. They needed it desperately. Sometimes you just gotta dial it up. Let a player go make a play. This is just speed.

ANNOUNCER 1: Kennedy Brooks in the backfield. Murray scrambling--

ANNOUNCER 2: He lost the ball.

ANNOUNCER 1: --looses his footing. Drops the ball-- is that a turnover?

REFEREE: There is no foul on the play. The ruiling on the field is a fumble recovered by the defense. First down, Texas.

ANNOUNCER 1: Texas may have it.

ANNOUNCER 2: --touchdowns.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here we go. Same play, same result. Touchdown, Ehlinger, his third. Ingram starting to warm up at running back. Ehlinger delivers-- touchdown, Texas! Lil' Jort! And the Longhorns are eating barbecue here in Dallas!

Kyler Murray runs it. He's got to get out of bounds. Murray still moving-- wow! Look at the speed! Kyler Murray touchdown! OU! 67 yards!

Third and 13 at the 22. Here's Ehlinger. Steps up, down the field-- incomplete. Dre Brown with terrific coverage, and it looks like Oklahoma will get another shot at it.

Here's Murray. Dumps it off. Sermon with blockers in front of him. Sermon, first down. Sermon down the sideline and knocked out of bounds deep in Texas territory.

Kyler Murray has been brilliant. Murray option, pitch, Sermon-- touchdown, Oklahoma! And it's all on the shoulders of a freshman. [INAUDIBLE]! He hit it!