No. 15 Michigan rolls past Maryland 42-21

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Shea Patterson throws for 282 yards and 3 touchdowns as Michigan beats Maryland 42-21.

ANNOUNCER 1: Jake Moody kicks it away. Ty Johnson will give it a go from the goal line. Down the sideline. Ty Johnson-- Ty Johnson down the sideline, and he will go all the way! And what Maryland fans want to hear-- two words-- no flags! 98 yards to the house in The Big House.

Mason behind Patterson. Give it to the big fella, and he's able to crash into the end zone. He runs through Tre Watson that time. Touchdown, Michigan!


Third and 3. Patterson throwing across his body-- it's caught! Touchdown, Ronnie Bell! The true freshmen from Kansas City. As Patterson took a hit, Savage and Lewis collided.

77 receiving yards so far for Gentry. Tru Wilson in the game now for Michigan. They'll fake it to him. Patterson has some pressure. Throws it down, had a man, and it's Peoples-Jones for the touchdown! There is a flag down, however, back at the 45. We'll check the marker.

Pressure up the middle. Patterson, elusive, throwing on the run and completed! It's People-Jones-- I guess he's fine. Donovan Peoples-Jones-- touchdown, Michigan!



--as Brandon Watson returns the pick-six for the score for Michigan.