Vince Young loves the history of the Red River Rivalry

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Young tells us what makes the Red River Rivalry special.

What's special about the Texas-OU rivalry, man? It's just the history, the tradition, just being right here on this land right now, just to say you had the opportunity to walk on this land right here, the history, the winners going back in the day. I'm glad that they didn't move it to an OU stadium, Texas stadium. I'm glad they're keeping it right here. And it's just so much history, man.

First of all, our fans from both sides of the ball are great. Even though we screaming and hollering, yelling at each other, but it's all fun. And you know, you want to win. So you can tell the passion of the game, but at the same time, the main thing to me is the fans.

The players, we're gonna have fun on the football field. Our coaches, Bob Stoops, Mack Brown, Coach Royal, Switzer, man, like the history goes on and on. And I'm just glad I wasn't playing back in the day when you had guys like Bosworth come in and knock your head off, and Big Roy.

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