Is Texas back?! Longhorns legend Vince Young joins the CFB on FOX pregame show

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HOOK 'EM. Longhorns legend Vince Young joins the CFB on FOX pregame show to break down this year's Red River Showdown between Texas and Oklahoma.

- Hey, you know what? This fan base at Texas, for a decade, they've been waiting to be back. They've been waiting for the era like what you brought them in '04 and '05, and then what Colt did after you were gone. How close do you think is this Longhorn team from being back in that title contention, in that [INAUDIBLE]? And do you think if they win today, you can put them in that class? Would it be Texas is back? Are they?

- We-- we-- we doing OK. Let's not go to fast. The best thing about it is the guys are having fun. They're taking of their responsibilities. And they understand the opportunity that's in front of them.

- Yeah.

- And playing football is not for long. You know, so make sure you take care of your responsibilities and your books, and then bring home the national championship, baby.

- Hey, Vince, what's your best memory of this game? If you have one thought comes to mind, what would it be?

- Best memory of this game is a turkey leg, smoked turkey leg, baby. When you win a game, Coach Brown lets you stay. And if you lose, you got to get on the bus and go home, so you don't get an opportunity to get a funnel cake or a turkey leg.

- I like that. I'm in.

- Meanwhile, we got to give the fans a hook 'em now. I can't believe I'm doing this.

- Hook 'em Horns.

- I can't believe I'm doing this.

- Big [INAUDIBLE], baby.

- Oh, oh.

- Come on, Sooners. That's OK. It's OK.