Let’s Get Defensive with Ben Leber Week 6

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Let's Get Defensive with Ben Leber Week 6. Ben weighs in

- Everyone, it's week six of college football. I know. I can't believe it's already week six, but here we are.

So let's get into the stud of the week where we highlight the best defensive performance from last week. And I'm going to give it to Jerry Tillery, defensive end from Notre Dame. Stanford comes into Notre Dame. Notre Dame goes 5 and 0 a lot because of the defense and Jerry Tillery-- seven pressures, four sacks, and one forced fumble.

Head Coach Brian Kelly even says, "you can't block this guy one on one." Guess what? They couldn't.

And nobody's been able to stop him all season long. He got the game ball on Saturday night, so I'm going to give you the game ball as well. The stud of the week, Jerry Tillery.

All right. The first defensive match-up, we have Missouri going all the way to South Carolina. South Carolina is coming off a loss to Kentucky, which is a little bit of a surprise. But if you've been following college football, Kentucky is on a tear right now so not much of a surprise.

South Carolina, what is happening? You're struggling on offense. Jake Bentley, you're struggling as a quarterback. You've got issues, and it's not going to get any easier because Missouri is coming into town.

And I tell you what. Missouri's secondary in their defense. I know. Maybe, statistically, not great. But they are more experienced than last year.

Their offense runs a style very similar to your offense in South Carolina. So guess what. I think they're going to be well-prepared. And, Jake Bentley, you're coming off a little bit of a knee injury, so I think that defense is going to get after you. So South Carolina--


--your offense is on alert.

Our number two defensive match-up of the week is number 5, LSU, going into number 22, Florida, and in the swamp. This one is going to be awesome. Todd Grantham, defensive coordinator for Florida, you've got things figured out. I love your play calling.

You're very aggressive, maybe the most aggressive play caller in college football. That's the reason why I think you're going to give LSU so many fits. You specialize in bringing one more blitzer than they can block. Sometimes it burns you. But more often in the times, you're right.

Joe Burrow, you've been the difference maker for LSU this year. But guess what. Only 53% completion percentage with no picks-- that's great. But you're going to face a defense that's going to come after you constantly. You've got to up that percentage, and I don't think it's going to happen this week. So guess what. LSU offense--


--you're on alert.

And the last defensive match-up, we have number 13, Kentucky, going into Texas A&M. That's right, people. You heard me-- 13th ranked Kentucky, they're 5 and 0. They're playing lights out, and a lot of it because of their defense.

The number 11th ranked defense in the nation, and they do it in a different way, right? Most people want to pack the box and stop the run. These guys don't. They're going to take a guy out of the run box and put more guys in coverage. So maybe you might be able to run the ball on them, but you're not going to get any big plays. And that's been their formula for success.

Texas A&M, you're going to have to earn every single point out on that field. And guess what. Josh Allen, outside linebacker, you better watch out for him.

This guy is a grown man. He's a beast. He's a highly-touted prospect in next year's NFL draft, so you have to deal with him on passing downs. So guess what. Texas A&M offense--


--you're on alert.