No. 1 Clemson crushes No. 7 Miami 38-3 to claim 3rd consecutive ACC title

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Bryant completed 79% of his passes as Clemson rolls Miami

ANNOUNCER 1: First appearance for Travis Etienne, the blazing fast true freshman back. He's got it. Barrels ahead. Touchdown, Tigers.

Beautiful execution on the opening drive. 68 yards. And the champs on top quickly.

Tigers with a second down and goal. Bryant straight back. Looking. Now he'll take off. Shows the speed. Kelly Bryant, touchdown!

Two possessions, two scores for the champs.

Let's see what he's cooked up in the timeout. On third and goal. Choice scores standing up. And the Tigers are pouring it on in Charlotte.

ANNOUNCER 2: He had to pick up the slack tonight.

ANNOUNCER 1: From the pocket, Rosier looks downfield and delivers his best throw. Thomas getting free. Lost the football! And the Tigers have it. Dorian O'Daniel fell on the football. And the troubles continue for the Canes.

Need a yard on third down. A long yard. And Feaster breaks free and scores. And the Tigers headed back to the College Football Playoff.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, you got a good shot here. Go for it, guys. Right now. Who get it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Make your break.

ANNOUNCER 2: Go get it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Make your break.

ANNOUNCER 2: Go get it.

ANNOUNCER 1: Coach is quick.

ANNOUNCER 2: Hurry, go get him--

ANNOUNCER 1: Got to get him.

ANNOUNCER 2: --before he starts jogging.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah, baby.


ANNOUNCER 1: They got him real good.


Gatorade bath. A whole lot of big hugs. And Dabo Swinney--

DABO SWINNEY: You got a great job. You got a great team. You're doing a heck of a job.

MARK RICHT: We may catch up--

ANNOUNCER 1: --consoling Mark Richt.


ANNOUNCER 1: Two guys that have a lot in common. They are just decent--


ANNOUNCER 1: --to the core.